XR Applications by NextGen Interactions in Raleigh

Organizer: RTP Virtual Reality
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NextGen Interactions, founded in 2012, focuses exclusively on XR technologies and experiences. For this meetup, NextGen will be demonstrating some of the projects that they're most excited about:

We worked with HTC Vive's Studios, Sixense, and Digital ArtForms on creating an immersive modeling tool. NextGen Interactions' primary role was to create the tutorials that teaches anyone, regardless of age or experience level, to utilize the integrated CAD engine to build 3D objects and worlds on day one.

DinoDigger is a MergeVR Cube educational AR/VR game developed by NextGen Interactions and legendary paleontologist Jack Horner (the inspiration behind and advisor for the Jurassic Park movies). Learn interesting facts and uncover fossilized dinosaur skeletons in the palm of your hand.

VR Apocalypse
As a contractor for NextGen Games in the year 2027, it is your job to pilot a remote telepresence drone via your trusted Playstation VR headset. Fortunately work has picked up due to a recent alien invasion and The United Nations has hired the firm to secure the planet Earth, and rid it of alien infestation. Beat the clock and squash alien scum faster than your co-workers in this frenetic VR shooter.

FirstSimVR is an award-winning VR application that simulates the future of heads-up displays as applied to firefighting. Simulating such future technologies helps to inform design of future augmented reality systems without today's limitations. Simple cues save time for firefighters reaching their objectives, which will result in literally the difference between life and death.

First SimVR is a research project focusing on adding physicality to VR simulations. Our first two prototypes utilize a custom-built physical hazmat sensing prop to provide better training for hazmat professionals, and a physical pump panel simulator that explores how future tools and interfaces might be used. Funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Please note: we are strictly limited to 40 people for this Meetup. Don't take an RSVP spot if you can't actually attend. Thanks!


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