Database DevOps - Keep Your Delivery Processes Secure, Brian McRae, Redgate

Organizer: Triangle DevOps
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DevOps is a key focus for the majority of his conversations, but as IT teams are under increasing pressure to demonstrate data privacy and protection with regulation like GDPR, HIPPA and SOX, among others, tonight we’ll focus on how you can combine these two areas and extend one to embrace the other without compromising on either side.

Ultimately, we hope you leave today’s meetup with an understanding of how Database DevOps can ensure you continue to increase the speed of delivery, securely, without jeopardizing compliance.


For the past 25 years Brian has worked in various roles in technology, ranging from a software engineer, database architect, IT Manager to a solutions consultant and more recently Sales Engineer at Redgate, where he is responsible for helping clients across a range of industries securely automate their database development, change management, continuous integration and deployment processes.


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