Code for Durham: Library Website Redesign + UX

Organizer: Triangle Code for America
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Tonight's speaker: Sarah Dooley

Sarah is the Library Webmaster for Durham County Library and is leading the redesign of the library's website. The Durham County Library website had its last major redesign in 2013, and it's time for a change. Sarah will talk about:
• the goals for the redesign;
• the user research methods used in the planning process, including card sorting and tree testing;
• the project logistics and interesting results; and
• what the next steps in the process will look like.

This should be a great talk for anyone interested in UX!

Tonight's Agenda:

• 5:30 pm: Mingle and get pizza
• 5:45 pm: Guest Speaker + Q&A
• 6:15 pm: Announcements + project updates
• 6:30 pm: Break into groups + work on projects

Code for Durham is a bi-weekly project night for technologists, designers, developers, data scientists, map makers, and activists who are working on "civic technology" projects. Consider this to be a study hall or office hours to improve the city. Bring your laptop, ideas, projects, maps, data, and questions. Pizza will be provided!

This night is for those who want to:
• get work done on civic projects;
• start a new project, or find one to join;
• get feedback from technical, government, or community experts; and/or
• learn about tools for local empowerment, open data, and smart and open government.

For first timers trying to get the most out of the night, you should be sure to bring your laptop. Prior to the Meetup, you can explore to get familiar with local resources and where you might want to plug in. You could also watch Civic Hacking 101 ( or get inspired by some of the Code for America 2015 Summit videos (

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Have fun! Do good!


Poster: triangletech