GDG Triangle / Women Techmakers Quarterly Meetup

Organizer: Google Developer Group Triangle
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Please join us for the quarterly GDG Triangle partnered with Women Techmakers meetup.

Speaker Lineup:
Leila Alderman
Topic: Save the world from your couch with open-source mapping

Humanitarian crises happen all too often and frequently happen in places far from our homes. One way we can help is to provide up-to-date map information for the affected regions. This may sound complicated, but it’s actually so easy that anyone with a laptop can do it. Really, anyone!

While map information for the U.S. is pretty great, the map information for people escaping a violent militia near Lake Chad is pretty poor because nobody has needed to or been paid to map that area. As humanitarian relief efforts put boots on the ground, they need maps, but they often lack even just the basics of which roads go where.

By looking at an up-to-date satellite image, you can trace roads or draw a box around the hospitals and schools in a town with a few clicks of your mouse. Adding this data to an open-source map can save lives even within an hour of the update.

In short, if you can trace lines with your mouse, you can save lives!

Joy Kaufman
Topic: Imposter syndrome vs cognitive dissonance for women


Poster: triangletech