Building an AI powered, global scale messaging system with XMPP &Deep Learning

Organizer: Triangle AI Meetup
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This talk is an in-depth look at XMPP, the open standard for real-time messaging, and how to build a global scale, AI enhanced messaging system using XMPP. We’ll explore EJabberD, the massively scalable, open-source XMPP server that powers in-game chat for Eve Online, and examine how to: combine XMPP with WebRTC for real-time audio/video calling, add AIML to build helpful chatbots, and how to incorporate Deep Learning to categorize messages in real-time. After the talk, you’ll know how to use XMPP and Ejabberd to build anything from a help-desk chatops application, to a globe spanning in-game messaging system.


Poster: triangletech