Introduction to OTP

Organizer: Triangle |> Elixir
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Speaker: Christian Di Lorenzo

We're jumping into OTP in Elixir. If you have ever wondered when or how to use a Task, Agent, or GenServer in your codebase, then this talk is for you.

OTP may have been just for phone systems in the 1990s, but today it is a battle-tested bundle of language features, tools, and system guidelines for creating large-scale, fault-tolerant, distributed applications. For those comfortable in Elixir's architecture, the next big question is how to benefit from the BEAM community and design truly great applications.

We'll start with an overview of what OTP actually encompasses and dive into the basic unit of a distributed system—the GenServer. Going beyond how to organize your application functionally, we'll discuss the architecture of a sustainable and performant application. From the ground up, we will walk through how to build, test, and integrate GenServers into your system.

The goal for this talk is to lay the foundation for taking advantage of OTP in your own apps. Beyond the example from the talk, we will leave you with some excellent resources to further your own pursuit of OTP in Elixir.

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