AMG September Open Meeting: Robot Operating System (Matthew Hinton)

Organizer: The Burlington Makers Meetup Group
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Guest speaker, Matthew Hinton will give a talk and demo the Robot Operating System (ROS) including a hardware demonstration using ROS to program and control an Arduino powered "MeArm" robot arm.

ROS is an open source tool for designing, building, and coding robots that can be made from commonly available and inexpensive components like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and common sensors and motors. The system helps make communications, simulations, navigation, and other parts of robot design and operation easier and more approachable.

About the Presenter:

Matt Hinton is a maker here in Burlington and an active community member of Alamance Makers Guild. He has a background in electronics, and has built multiple robots and 3D Printers.

As a Robot Ignite Academy Ambassador, Matt is qualified to teach ROS. The Robot Ignite Academy is an online educational platform that teaches people how to program robots though software called Robot Operating System (ROS). It is an open source, modular framework that simplifies the communications, simulations, navigation, and about anything there is to do with robotics.

Learn More about ROS and Robot Ignite Academy:

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