9/25: UX Research Methods, Rise of the Data Driven Business + More

Organizer: Triangle ReactJS
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Our friends at GDG and Triangle JS are hosting and event on 9/25 at 122 E Parrish St. Durham, NC at 6:30pm.

Go check them out for some amazing talks and discussions!

Melissa Eggleston, Director of User Experience, Teamworks. Will be talking about "UX Research Methods: No Ph.D. Needed"

Talk Description: What value does UX research bring to designers and developers? What are commonly used UX research methods? How do you know which one to use when? Who can conduct these different types of research? We'll discuss various research methodologies and give specific examples of how they are used by organizations of all sizes to improve software, websites, and other systems.

Rachael Classi, Director of Growth, Teamworks. MBA, Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business. Concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Will be talking about "The rise of the data driven business."

Talk Description: Companies talk about the increasing importance of data in driving business decisions but data means different things to different functions. This conversation will focus on the rise of and differences between data in leadership, marketing, sales, customer success, product, and engineering. We will briefly discuss how to access gain fluency in function-specific data tools and best practices for interpreting data.

Ellen Gowdy, Director of Recruitment, Teamworks, Founder and Owner of Curious.Will be talking about "Positioning yourself for the job you want.”

Talk Description: Finding and landing the right job for you can be a challenge even in a hot job market. Making a shift to a new career or industry can be even more difficult. With years of experience helping companies put the right people in the right seats, Ellen Gowdy will help you define tools and strategies to land that perfect job. This talk will cover networking strategies, tips for cold outreach, how to present yourself online and advice for making a career or industry shift.

If you are interested here is the link to the talks! :)



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