TMUG - Networking and Mesh Routers - Do I want one?

Organizer: Triangle Macintosh and Apple Meetup
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Important Note: TenPlus is under construction. We will be meeting at Caldwell Hall at NCSU again this month. Please note the directions and aerial map provided.
Apple Airport Networking devices are being discontinued. They were great. Especially if you were a Mac user. But the design is over 5 years old and Apple stopped adding new features a year or few ago. They even took some advanced networking features away when they introduced the iOS app to manage them.

But now what?

Instead of the all powerful, looks like an upside down spider, router to run your house or small office, maybe we should look at mesh routers for the future. They allow you to distribute secondary WiFi access points around a home or office and give better access than the all powerful single routers in the past.

But wait you say, couldn't you do that with Airports?!? Well yes and no. We will go over the old way with "dumb" access points as Apple Airports were, and newer mesh units.

In specific we will go over how the Amplifi mesh unit has worked for some of us in testing over the last month.

Also some will ask:
"Google/Spectrum/AT&T gives me a router, why should I buy one?"

Come by and we'll discuss it.


Poster: triangletech