Triangle Buttonwood - P2P Cryptocurrency Trading

Organizer: Triangle Bitcoin Meetup
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In an attempt to garner support for a Triangle Buttonwood peer-to-peer exchange, I welcome anyone interested in exchanging (or discussing) cryptocurrencies to join us at Nash Square on Thursday evening.

Cryptocurrencies are math-based currencies which aren't controlled by any central entity, but instead by a distributed computer network which secures the payment network against fraud. The first and most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which will likely be the dominant cryptocurrency being traded at each meetup (though all cryptocurrencies are welcome). Even if you've never heard of or used cryptocurrencies, bring a smartphone or laptop, a good attitude and good questions, and be prepared to have your mind blown by the possibilities which are unlocked by cryptocurrencies.

Ground rules:
1. No force.
2. No fraud.
3. No coercion.
4. Have fun!

We meet right in the middle of Nash Square, next to the Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial.  During the winter, when it is cold and dark, we may wander over to the Berkeley Cafe restaurant rather quickly.  The Berkeley Cafe is across the street from the south side of Nash Square.


Poster: triangletech