Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting With SQLCallStackResolver

Organizer: Triangle SQL Server User Group
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Troubleshooting spinlock contention, strange wait types, AVs and asserts is no longer a black box. With the availability of SQLCallStackResolver ( you can start uncovering the true reasons for a particular behavior within SQL Server, without having to open WinDbg! This tool can potentially save you a call to Microsoft Support (or at least go much better prepared to them!) In this session you will be presented live demos of how SQLCallStackResolver has helped in real-life cases, both for SQL Server on Windows and SQL Server on Linux. Latch contention, spinlock contention, AVs are no longer a mystery with this tool. Come and see how you can tackle the most difficult and advanced SQL Server troubleshooting scenarios yourself!

Arvind Shyamsundar is a Principal Program Manager with the Microsoft AzureCAT team. A key deliverable, when working with customers adopting the Azure Data Services, including SQL server, is to acquire feedback, issues, and feature asks to help make products and services better. Experienced in SQL Server since the 6.5 release, Arvind has worked on some of the most demanding workloads over the years and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and learnings - as well as automating troubleshooting and diagnostics as much as possible. Much of his work is available on GitHub ( and his blog ( Arvind is also an #MCM4Life and has previously worked as a Principal PFE within Microsoft Services.


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