FileMaker Meetup

Organizer: FileMaker Users & Developers of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill
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Bring some FileMaking and a friend! And a snack or drink! Ideas for Meetup locations always welcome. Also welcome: topics for discussions or presentations.

We will meet at my new, amazing CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS in Carrboro. 110 W. Main Street, Carrboro, NC. Suite 2-G.

DIRECTIONS: Important, please read. After hours, the front door of the IFC building (where my office is, on the 2nd floor), is locked by the time our meetings will start. Anyway, you'll want to park in the back, and I will have the back door unlocked.

So to get to my parking lot, you want to go around the block to Weaver St. and pull into the lot tucked between the restaurant Provence (has a red roof) and El Centro Hispano. Just drive back into that gravel parking lot and park. If you have trouble, call Chris at[masked]. There are also other free parking lots to the West and East!

Then go up the ramp or stairs to my building and come to Suite 2-G.

Picture of where to park here ().


Poster: triangletech