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Organizer: Data + Women + Triangle
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Data + Women + Triangle builds relationships among women in analytics, statistics, and data science.

One of our most powerful strengths is the ability to connect group members and learn from one another.

Connect and learn with us by participating in this survey.

Take the survey now:

There is a suggested donation of $9, but you can also take it for free.

There are three key reasons that we are asking for this information - and three key reasons why you should take the survey:

1. Matching up women who want to learn from another, from short term goals like learning a new skill to having a partner in a new learning event such as an online or in person class

2. Learning more about our amazing group of women - who you are, what your goals are and how you plan to get there

3. Up-ing our game by highlighting our skills in a semi-competitive environment with a data visualization/storytelling competition to showcase the results of the survey and collectively select a winner on October 29. Details of this competition will be announced in a separate Meetup event.

As a dynamic woman interested in data in any shape or form - either as a newbie looking to learn, or a learned mentor providing guidance to others, please contribute in the following two important ways:

1. Take the survey - it is mobile friendly and shouldn’t take more than 8 minutes.

Take the survey now:

2. To OPTIONALLY make a small contribution - Click to attend. We want to reward our competitors. There will be a prize for the best presentation of our data and every dollar goes to support women continuing their careers in data.


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