Code Night & Beginner Workshop

Organizer: Triangle Elm
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Whether you've been working with Elm since its early days or you've just heard about it and want to know more, we'd be glad to have you code with us!

We'll start with some time for food, drinks, and discussion. The rest of the night will be set aside for coding and collaboration, so bring your laptops and project ideas. If you don't have project ideas, don't worry. We try to always have a few on hand. If you have an existing project in Elm that you're open to sharing, please bring it. The goal is to work together and learn by building things.

For folks who are entirely new to Elm, we'll have an informal beginner's session and a few different starter projects to play with. Someone will be on hand to answer questions and help you work through any issues, so don't be shy!


Poster: triangletech