Visual Trumpery at Duke

Organizer: Triangle Visualization Group
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Visual Trumpery is a lecture tour by Alberto Cairo that will take place between the Fall of 2017 and the end of 2018. The English word "trumpery" means worthless nonsense, something that is showy and deceitful at the same time. Trumpery can occur in text, verbally, or visually. This non-partisan talk focuses on the visual, examining misleading charts, graphs, and data maps designed by individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum. For more info, visit

This is a public lecture open to everyone. Duke's campus can be a tricky place to park, though, so we recommend arriving as early as possible to allow for parking and walking. Visitor parking locations are available at:!ce/186?ct/187

Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. He has authored books on data visualization, including The Functional Art and The Truthful Art. He will visit Duke's campus on Wednesday, September 5. On Thursday, September 6, he will visit UNC Chapel Hill.


Poster: triangletech