What's the word on WordPress...

Organizer: Women in Tech Allies (RDU/Triad)
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What's the word on WordPress...let's dive in!

Tara Maxwell (VP of Production @ Smashing Boxes) will be joining efforts with Bonnie Cook (Designer @ Smashing Boxes) to talk about how to use and enhance WordPress from both a development and design perspective.

We will cover topics like:
• Why even use WordPress? (SEO, Ease of Content Creation, etc)
• Basics of WordPress development and tech stack
• Benefits of hosting on WP Engine (multiple environments like Dev and Staging)
• A Few Plugins to note (we may scatter these throughout dev and design talk)
• Why UX Matters for WordPress devs and designers
• Responsive design
• Content-focused design
• Why UI Matters in WordPress design
• Customizing a Theme versus starting from scratch

We will be gathering in the awesome space @ Smashing Boxes. Thanks so much to them for hosting and supporting WITA!

Robert Half will be there so bring a resume if you are looking. They are constant supporters of all things WITA and awesome career promoters for our members.

Special hosting and sponsoring thanks to:
- Smashing Boxes: https://buff.ly/2lMVyG9
- Robert Half: https://buff.ly/2lQaLqc

And a warm WITA welcome to our new Learn to Code RDU Allies!

Come ready to network with your peers and meet some new people..looking forward to seeing you!


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