Embracing Vendor Lock-In: Ethan Presberg, TiVo

Organizer: Triangle DevOps
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In today's cloud-everything world, it is very common to hear about the need to avoid vendor lock in. Practically everywhere I go, I hear things like "Make sure not to get tied to AWS, so only use EC2 and RDS so that you can easily switch to Azure or Google or a custom data center if need be".

While there certainly are valid arguments to avoid vendor lock in, in most cases, this is an unfounded fear.

In this talk, you will learn about who DOES need to avoid vendor lock in and who does NOT. More importantly, you will learn what the benefits are to both architectural strategies.

About the speaker, Ethan Presberg:

Ethan works as a Solutions Engineer @ TiVo. He is also AWS certified and a cloud enthusiast. His belief is that most things should be in the cloud.
He is passionate about learning about cloud technologies and advise organizations on how they can take advantage of cloud.


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