Rust 2018 Edition Preview

Organizer: Triangle Rustaceans
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We are the Triangle Rustaceans, a group of Triangle-area Rust aficionados of all levels of skill and experience. This meetup we will take a look at the Rust 2018 Edition preview. We'll talk about what Rust Editions are, how to use the new edition, what it changes, and what's coming down the line. We'll also have the usual community announcements, open QA, and lightning talks.

Meetings will be on the 4th Monday of every month, at 7pm.

All people attending Triangle Rustacean events agree to abide by the Rust Code of Conduct. (

Location & Parking

This month we are being hosted by Caktus Group, located at 108 Morris St. next to Bullseye Bikes in downtown Durham. If you have trouble finding free on-street parking, Caktus recommends using the Durham Centre parking garage, with entrances on Morris St. and W. Morgan St. The evening price in the parking garage appears to be a minimal $1.50.


Poster: triangletech